Professional Training

Stiftungsfachschule Gruppe 642

Your part-time

vocational training

Training content

The part-time vocational training curriculum includes both cross-disciplinary and discipline-specific learning areas.

It comprises a total of 2,400 hours of training. During the training, students accumulate 1,200 hours of practical experience, with 800 hours completed in the first professional field.

This professional field may vary depending on the training and could be in the field of early education, after-school care, child and youth welfare services (e.g., residential group), or inclusive youth work (e.g., youth club).

In the 2nd or 3rd year of training, there is a mandatory internship in a second professional field, which covers an additional 400 hours.


Start of training:
Annually from August 1st

Duration of training:
4-year part-time vocational training

With the submission of the training contract, each student receives a schedule for the entire training.

Completion of training

The training is completed through state examinations:

3 written exams, and possibly oral exams

1 practical exam in which a complex task with children or adolescents in the practice facility needs to be solved

Passing both the theoretical and practical examinations entitles you to use the following professional designations and titles:

The professional designation
„State-recognized Educator“

The title ‚Bachelor Professional Social Services“

Possible additional qualifications

Dual studies in Social Work
(requires additional hours)

Technical college entrance qualification
(requires additional hours)

After successful completion, one can pursue higher education at a university

We are happy to provide you with advice regarding the training and your application.